Toronto Island Park

Location: 92 Front St E Toronto, ON M5E 1C3, Canada

Phone: +1 416 – 392 – 7120

Toronto Island Park is an all-in-one park that caters to every age group: family and friends are sure to enjoy a fun filled and exciting day with all that this great park has to offer.

Easily reachable via a simple ferry ride, the park is a popular weekend getaway destination. The park’s luscious scenery and endless activities available are the main reasons why you’ll soon forget you’re visiting a city.

Centre Island is considered to be the busiest part of the island because the attractions here largely cater to children and families. All rides are assured to be safe and, parents will be relieved to hear, permit adult supervision if needed. Centre Island is home to Centreville Amusement Park: the amusement park features 30 rides and games.

The park opens daily at 10am during June to September 1st and operates during the weekends of May and September if the weather permits. Other attractions in Centre Island include the Franklin Children’s Garden, Far Enough Farm, a golf course, bicycle track and pools.

 Toronto Island Park


If you’re feeling a bit competitive, Toronto Island Park is the perfect place to indulge in sports like basketball, volleyball, tennis, softball or even Frisbee. Bicycles can be brought in to the park on the ferry, so if you want to explore the island and roam free for a while, you can.

On the south side of the island, you’ll find beaches, sandcastles and happy sunbathers. For your comfort, washrooms, picnic areas, fire pits, sports areas, pools, water taps and first aid stations are all located by the beach. Families and adventurers be warned: for those who prefer a more adventurous time, Hanlan’s Point is a beach that allows nude bathers.

You can never run out of things to do and enjoy on this Island. We do have a few  helpful tips for enjoying your stay at Toronto Island Park. First, don’t forget to bring a stroller or wagon for the little kids because the enormous park could be tiring for them (and you). Second, don’t forget the sunscreen, swim gear and everything you’ll need to enjoy the beach.

Also, insect repellant would most likely come in handy while lounging in the park. Even though the park has a vast selection of tasty dining choices, you can opt to bring your own picnic basket to enjoy the scenery and nature experience more. Lastly, don’t forget your camera and some extra batteries to capture the fun times you had at the Park.

 Toronto Island Park

Feel like taking a vacation from city life? Hop on the first ferry ride to Toronto Island Park and have a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of Toronto. Don’t forget to bring your bathing suits, sunscreen and picnic baskets. Get ready to have a fun and relaxing afternoon in your own sanctuary by the city. Enjoy!

Do you have any suggestions on additional things to do in the island? Do you have fun and exciting adventures worth remembering? Share it with us: we’d love to hear from you!


Regular Admission Fees:

Family ride pass for 4: $96.00 ($91 online) – Family pass must include one adult minimum

Individual ride pass:

  • $30.97 (Over 4′ tall)
  • $21.90 (Children 4′ and under)

Sheet of 50 Ride Tickets: $42.48

Individual Ride Tickets: $0.88 each

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