St. Lawrence Market

Location: 92 Front St E Toronto, ON M5E 1C3, Canada

Phone: +1 416 – 392 – 7120

St. Lawrence Market is considered to be one of the major markets in Toronto and as such, was awarded by National Geographic as the world’s best food market in April of 2012! Divided into two parts – the St. Lawrence Market North and the St. Lawrence Market South, each part provides a special place for sellers and business owners to exhibit their wares.

The St. Lawrence Market was officially founded in 1803 by Lt. Governor Peter Hunter: back then, it was simply known as “Market Block.” As Toronto’s population doubled and the economy improved, the North and South side of the market were established in addition to the St. Lawrence Hall. Improvements were done on the buildings and the area as a whole, making it the thriving market that it is today.

The St. Lawrence Market North, located at the Northern part of Front Street, is the venue where the weekly farmers and antique markets are held. Every Saturday, Market North hosts the traditional Saturday Farmer’s Market that started way back in as 1803. With this event, farmers from southern Ontario sell their seasonal products to locals and tourists alike.

 St. Lawrence Market

Every Sunday, the produce is traded in for antique stalls that are placed around the plaza. Hosting as many as 80 antique dealers, this much-heralded event begins at dawn and stretches throughout the day to 5 PM.  Both the Saturday Farmer’s Market and the Sunday Antiques Market, are free, making them the perfect place to stop by to shop or simply sightsee!

As you head down the south of Front Street you’ll find St. Lawrence South; it offers more of freshly prepared food and artisan crafts unique. St Lawrence South’s fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products and baked goods are some products you can buy from the over 120 vendors in this area.

The variety of goods they sell is great, plus, you can be sure of the freshness of these food products as farmers deliver  fresh from their nearby farms. Depending upon  your appetite, locals rave about St. Urbain Bagel, Buster’s Sea Cove (known for some delicious fish & chips) and Carousel Bakery.

While you’re grabbing a snack or a craft at South Market, be sure to venture up to the second floor where you’ll find the Market Gallery: this gallery features a revolving cast of exhibits which showcase Toronto’s unique history and culture.

 St. Lawrence Market

Last, but certainly not least, is the iconic St. Lawrence Hall: built in 1850, this building has been lovingly restored to its natural elegance over the years. The ground floor of the St. Lawrence Hall serves as home to various retail establishments, while the second floor caters to offices.

The pride of St. Lawrence Hall is located on its third floor and is called the Great Hall. This elegant hall now serves as a popular venue for events and one can easily see why: the classy design of the Great Hall makes it a postcard-perfect scene.

Whether you’re a tourist or a local, St. Lawrence market has something for you. Come and visit to explore one of Toronto’s busiest marketplace! Tell us: have you bought something from the Sunday Antique market at St. Lawrence Market North? Or maybe you settled for fresh fruits and vegetables from St. Lawrence South?

Share with us your unique finds and delicious eats from the legendary St. Lawrence. Happy Shopping!

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